• Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk

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    Jack's Army marched on Wheaton, Illinois, on Saturday, April 26. The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago's annual 5K walk/run was held in our own backyard at beautiful Cantigny Park. The weather cooperated, the sun smiled on all the walkers, and it was a great day.

    For the first time Jack's Army had a tent, which gave us the opportunity to pass out t-shirts, car magnets, and informational brochures. And, of course, it was great to get a chance to talk with people and tell them about KCNQ2-related epilepsy.

    Many who stopped by were amazed at how quickly our organization has grown and how much impact we have made already. One family was eager to learn about KCNQ2 because their child had no diagnosis and had not been tested. It was great to be able to tell that family that there is now a rapid test available. Even just last year we would not have been able to offer that idea. Thanks, Dr. Cooper!

    There is still much work to do to get the word out. Even within the epilepsy community in our own neighborhood, many people had not heard of Jack's Army or KCNQ2-related epilepsy. Having a booth at this big event was a great asset to our cause.

    We value the partnership between Jack's Army and The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.which hosted the annual fun-filled 5K run/walk. With 1200 people walking, they broke attendance records--up 25% from 2013.

    Two more Chicagoland Epilepsy walks are yet to come: May 3 in Libertyville and May 10, the largest of the three, downtown at Montrose Harbor. Need more reasons or locations to participate? Click here.

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